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Creating or re-modelling a bathroom can be a daunting process; there are many "gotchas" along the way, and the sheer number of products on the market is bewildering. That's the very reason Fonte Dei Marmi has a much praised and well regarded consultation service.

From the simple first steps of helping you choose the style of bathroom that is going to fit your needs or narrowing down exactly how the bathroom will be used, and who by (an ofter overlooked and under-appreciated criteria) we will be able to assist you in finding the perfect products at the right price.

All of our staff have first hand knowledge of the products that we discuss, and have been in the bathroom industry for many years. We also have access to the manufacturers directly in case there are questions that we cannot answer, and will leave no stone unturned to source the information that you need.


It's not all about how your bathroom looks when it comes to design, it's about how it will be used and whether it will be fit for purpose. For example, there is no point having a low shower if the house is occupied by tall people, and there is little point in having a few steps into a bath or into a shower cubicle if the occupants of the house are elderly or disabled.

With skilled designers onboard, we will be able to spot these potential problems at the outset of the project and come up with designs for you that take all of these criteria into account. We'll also be able to advise on the best and most applicable materials to be used in a given circumstance that balance the look and feel of your bathroom with the more mundane things like not slipping over and how easy the products are to keep clean and looking like they are brand new, even five years after you have had them installed.


Brochures and websites are fantastic tools for locating information and pictures of products, but any images that you come across are staged to show off the product in question in the best possible light. How will that product look in your room though? That's not something that is easy to visualise.

That's were Fonte dei Marmi's imagery service comes into its own. With access to the latest computer modelling technologies and visualisation software, as well as skilled artists, we are able to place the products you like from the brochures and the websites into your room setting. We'll place them along with all of the other products that you like the look of together to create a full, virtual room, that you will be able to look around from every angle, or study pictures of from every angle and in every light.

Armed with these high quality images and views, you will quick establish whether those taps match that washbasin, or whether there is enough space to use the washbasin without tripping over the toilet or having to sit on the side of the bath. Much better to know these things early than to find out when your installers are there and it is too late.


It sounds simple doesn't it: we'll have the toilet over here, a walk-in shower there with a nice big shower head, hand shower on the wall and a towel rail. Then, upstairs we'll have ...

And so it goes on, but there are many things to take into account before you start placing products around the house and turning the imagined dream shower into part of your morning, pre-work ritual. What kind of boiler system do you have in the property? Is it capable of powering all of this high water flow equipment that you are currently planning. Can the toilet go where you want it to or is there something that will prevent the waste pipe from getting outside the house. With a shower in that part of the room, is it possible to get rid of the excess water using a pipe that has a fall on it? If not, you're going to end up with a really badly smelling bathroom, filled with the stench of stale water.

That's where proper planning of a bathroom is not only desirable, it is essential.

At Fonte dei Marmi we are well used to dealing with planning bathrooms for properties large and small. From working off professional architect drawings to those scribbled out on the back of an envelope and combined with digital photos, we can help to make sure that you have bathrooms that function as good as they look, and to make sure that you KNOW the boiler is big enough, and you KNOW that the waste water can be removed efficiently.


You've got the perfect bathroom all planned out, your installation team is on site and ready to go, and you can't wait to get started. One problem: the products you need to make it all work are still at the back of a warehouse somewhere. Not helpful.

Not having the products you need at the time your installation team need them is not only incredibly frustrating, it can prove to be expensive too. If your installation team are there, they will want paying to be there; even if they aren't able to do any work. It's not their problem that the products are not there, and you will be expected to pay.

Knowing where your products come from, where they are now, and when the will be delivered is essential to having your project completed. At Fonte dei Marmi we will advise you at the very beginning of our discussions whether the likely delivery times of the products you have chose is likely to cause you problems. One of the very first questions we ask as part of our consulation service relates to your time scale as this will enable us to direct you to products that can be sourced on time.


Choosing great products for your bathroom is only the first part of the process, they all look great in the brochures and in the boxes when they arrive. That's not what you see every day though; you see them when they are on the wall, and in situ. If they have been installed badly, are not correctly centred, are not straight or you have a bit of uneven tile, you will notice that problem every single time you enter the room, and psychologically, the room then looks awful to you, even if everything else is perfect.

We only use the best installation team members for the bathrooms we install; each and every one of them a skilled craftsman with many years of experience and in most cases a successful history of running their own companies to exacting standards.

There are certainly less expensive options when it comes to getting tradesmen to install your dream bathroom, but the last thing you need is your dream turning into a nightmare, so no better way to demonstrate the classic phrase of "you get what you pay for".

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