Natural stones

BrecciaFrom the Italian for loose gravel, Breccias are compsed of angular mineral fragments contained within the main stone material. The fragments may be same as the surrounding rock or completely different, but either way, they are apparent in the surface.
GraniteGranite is an igneous rock of volcanic origin and is composed of 30% quartz and 60% feldspar, which give it a high-range in hardness. It is very resistant to high wear and tear, with superior abrasion resistance and compressive strength. It is available in a wide range of colours. Historically it is used to be available only in a homogeneous grain, now it is available in veined and patterned variety. Granite is an excellent caterial for internal and external building use because of its hardness and resistant to all types of weather.
LimestoneWhen the word "stone" is used in the context of slab dimensional stone, it usually refers to limestone, slate and other sedimentary rock. Generally, they are rarely polished. They are suitable for internal use, and in block format are used in external applications.
MarbleMarble is a calcareous rock with a mid-range in its hardness, formed usually by fire grain crystals. This composition contributes to a mirror-like polish finish, which is exceptional in stone. It is suitable for internal use.
OnyxOnyx is a calcareous material with a very fine, tight grain and many veins running concentrically to one another. This translucent stone is synonymous with luxury living and has been used to decorate the living spaces of the rich and famous. It takes a high polish which is part of its great beauty.
TravertineIt is a porous calcareous rock. Travertine may vary in colour from white to silver-grey, to yellow, red, and dark brown. Easy to work; the surface is suitable for a honed, polished or antiqued finish. It is mainly used for internal applications; however it can also be used externally in warm climates.
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